Agri Mall, Abbotsford BC

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10 December 2013


Further Comments From Executive Council Review:

Update to Section 5.3

Additional reasons to support relocation to the proposed site:

  1. Relocation of equipment dealers from Sumas way removes Agriculture/Retail traffic conflicts and allows higher order uses to locate along Sumas way.
  2. Agri-industrial services are not intensive uses and do not generate enough revenue to warrant locating on industrial lands through the City in the Country Plan (CICP Lands)
  3. Lot configuration, cost per acre, availability and size of plots further exclude CICP lands as economically viable alternatives*.
  4. Fraser Highway corridor area is not appropriate due to traffic congestion and requirements for ALR exclusion.
  5. Allows Handlers Equipment to move out of the ALR.

* Corpus Management Group has undertaken a detailed a study of the available lands within the CICP and did not locate a suitable and economically viable plot to support the construction of the Abbotsford Agri-Centre.

There is an 18.5-acre site listed on Marshall Road (31708 & 31632 Marshall Road) but combining the listing price, parcel charge and agricultural deposit, the approximate cost to purchase the land would be $13,898,000 or $751,000 per acre before servicing costs, holding costs, or timeline constraints for rezoning.

Other impediments excluding the possibility of implement dealerships at this site: a proposed road and gas line dividing the property and limiting the net available land; and, proximity to downtown Abbotsford.

The CICP lands at Clearbrook Road are also being marketed and viewed as Airport Industrial, which would not be complimentary to the proposed land use.

Update to Section 7.5

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Over time, as the properties located on Sumas Way are redeveloped for their intended use in the OCP as commercial big box, Abbotsford will see a significant increase in property taxes. The following two analyses address the potential gains from in property taxes to the City from this proposal:

The result of redevelopment will increase annual property taxes to the City of Abbotsford by approximately $600,000 in the long term, in nominal dollars.

Update to Section 8.2

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The Fraser Valley Regional Growth Strategy has a number of polices that guide long-term growth in and around Fraser Valley communities.

The Fraser Valley Regional District is focused on the development of a long-term strategy that will balance the need for stable, long term Agricultural Land Reserve boundaries with the need for additional lands to support employment growth in all sectors, including agricultural and the need for contiguous urban development.

Policies cover ALR protection, responsible growth within the Urban Growth Boundary and protecting the natural environment.

The proposal is in line with key policies in the Fraser Valley Regional Growth Strategy including:

o Support and enhance the agricultural sector; o Manage urban land responsibly;
o Achieve sustainable economic growth; and
o Protect the natural environment.

Update to Section 8.4

This development does not encroach on land within the ALR, the Abbotsford Agri-Centre will directly support agricultural diversification and intensification by co-locating farm services at a strategic location.

Not only will this development enhance Abbotsford’s tax base to support city programs, it will also keep jobs in Abbotsford and enhance the community’s profile as the Agricultural Capital of Canada.

Update to Section 9.7

After receiving comments, the decision has been made to change the main access to the site on Eldridge Road, as outlined in the attached Site Drawings. As City Staff have already indicated, the road will require upgrading to a Local Rural standard for the full frontage of the development parcel, a distance of approximately 400m.

As this will become the main access to the site, a Section 219 Restrictive Covenant will no longer be registered to prohibit access from Eldridge Road. ISL Engineering has provided a preliminary traffic study to encompass the details of traffic volumes we could expect.